Cider House

Labonté de la pomme to drink !

Artisan cider house nestled in the heart of the orchard where we grow, create and bottle ciders from the scents of our Quebec terroir. Aromatic ciders with flavors of different fruits grown in our orchard: cherry cherries, pears, plums or even maple syrup on the estate. Ciders of all types and even Apple Mistelle! The brand new cider house and these new state-of-the-art equipment will bring out all new innovative ciders by the touch of the cellar master and co-owner of the Sylvain Mercier estate of the Labonté de la pomme family. Past master in the making of juice and apple cider without alcohol for ten years, come and enjoy the estate and go to the shop enjoy a tasting of one of them! Cheer! From our land to your table, a drink in hand! The extended family Labonté de la pomme


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