Summered apple

Summered apple

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The Summered is a semi-sweet and semi-sour kind of apple. This new variety of apple is resistant to the apple scab, which makes it a real warrior. A new variety you will be happy to have discovered. The perfect apple to eat as a snack or to offer to your favorite teacher.

Maturity: Late august

Did you know...

  • Apples help regulating cholesterol.
  • Apples tend to turn brown due to oxidation, a phenomenon caused by an enzyme in the fruit which reacts when in contact with air.
  • In a forest in the Amalty region, some 30 meters high and 2 meters wide apple trees that can live to 300 years are responsible for most of the kinds of apples we know today.
  • The forbidden fruit being represented by an apple comes from its latin name malus, meaning apple tree, but also evil.


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