Shack pesco-vegetarian epicurean picnic

Shack pesco-vegetarian epicurean picnic

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Our Shack epicurean picnic at the Shack is offered from May 7th to the end of October. Good news for pesco-vegetarians, we have you covered! The Shack's Epicurean Picnic offers you everything you need for a delicious meal:

  • Our tasty applewood smoked rainbow trout filet
  • Our vegetarian sausages
  • our bread baguette with our veggie pâté
  • our Oka cheese
  • vegetables with our dressing
  • our coleslaw
  • our honey from the apiary
  • our orchard fruit spread
  • our homemade mustard
  • our non-alcoholic sparkling apple cider.

Everything is cold and ready to eat and is available from May 7 to the end of October. Includes everything needed: plates, utensils and napkins.

For picnics, you will have the chance to eat at the orchard at our life-size outdoor terrace, several picnic tables are available at different spots. We encourage you to bring your own tablecloth or blanket to set up at the location of your choice, or take your picnic to the park, your backyard, or wherever you like.

Picnic season lasts from May to the end of October.

*This meal contains gluten and lactose.

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Did you know...

  • Epicureanism is a philosophical trend that strives to achieve happiness.

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